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In-store Coffee

These Coffee Drinks Can Be Made For You By Our Baristas At The Point Roberts Shell Center

espresso shots and hot water

espresso with heavily foamed milk

Caffe Latte
espresso with lightly foamed milk
To add flavor (vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, Irish cream)

Caffe Mocha
espresso, gourmet chocolate syrup, whipped cream

White Chocolate Mocha
espresso, gourmet white chocolate syrup, whipped cream

Caramel Macchiato
espresso, gourmet caramel syrup, whipped cream

Caffe Breve
latte made with half and half
Additional espresso shot

steamed milk with gourmet syrup

Espresso Single (3/4 oz) Double (1-1/4 oz)
Iced Americano
Iced Mocha
Iced Latte
Italian Soda
Italian Cream Soda

Point Roberts Espresso