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Price List

Price List for Package Receiving

(CDN at PAR w/ FRN fill up †)

Prices listed are for each thirty days storage or part thereof (60 Days w/ FRN Card †). Parcels are stored for a total of 6 months before being disposed of after a final notice is emailed.

Shipping Station Phone Number – 360-945-2456

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Letter, Catalog or Magazine – $1.00

PARCELS/PACKAGES – to obtain package price add length plus width plus height. (All receiving prices at CDN PAR w/ FRN Fill up†)

Small (Under 15″ L+W,Flat) – $2.50   Code: M

Small (Under 24″ L+W+H) – $3.00   Code: A

Thin Soft Bag (Under 30″ L+W+H) – $3.00   Code: F

Medium ( 24″ < 40″ L+W+H) – $3.50   Code: B

Large ( 40″ < 66″ L+W+H) – $5.50   Code: C or E

X Large ( 66″ < 120″ L+W+H) – $7.50   Code: D

XX Large ( 120 & over L+W+H) – 12.50   Code: Z

< = less than > = greater than


Except for pallets & tires, all items:

Over 50 lbs – $ 7.50 instead of the size price   Code: Z

Over 100 lbs – $15.00 instead of the size price   Code: Z

Over 150 lbs – $22.00 instead of the size price   Code: Z


Tires each < 50 lbs – $4.00   Code: T

> 50 lbs – Price by HEAVY ITEMS*  Code: Z


$25.00 to receive and store for one day (w/FRN$15, 10 days†)   Code: Z

$ 5.00 storage each additional day

$10.00 For pallet disposal charge (free w/ FRN fill up†)

Free Cardboard disposal if flattened and given to the desk clerks

*Note: Customer provides loading service


Via email: No charge

Via telephone: $1.00


Failure to use customer number in address: $1.00 (One free a day w/ FRN†)

Postage due payment service: Cost plus $5.00

Return to storage after pulling from warehouse: Repeat storage charge.

Refused packages: charge is the same amount again as receiving.


† FRN = Fuel Rewards Network® – Free loyalty Card

1. Sign up for an FRN card ( free, get yours while in the store).
2. Fill up with gas at our pumps (8 gallons or more) at big US savings. Your new FRN
card will earn you at least an extra 3 cents per gallon discount.
3. Bring your receipt into the store (discounts must be same day as fill up).
4. Grab a 12 ounce cup of complimentary coffee.
5. Pick up any packages you have been notified are in our store.
6. Hand the cashier your gas receipt and your parcel pick up and coffee bean sales will be rung up at Canadian par. The USD price will be discounted to reach PAR so paying with Credit Cards, US cash and debit all get the same savings.
7. All other store items will be rung up at current exchange. And you will continue to receive fuel rewards for all applicable store purchases.
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