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Private Reserve Roast


The most flavorful beans in the world delivered to your door.

Experience the best Organic Coffees from around the world delivered to your door.
All you pay is one low monthly price.
Each month your senses will be delighted.




In the Shell Center store, we generally have at least one Private Reserve roast available each month.  However, the only way you can order these roasts online is to enroll in our Private Reserve Club.  Here are the options:



1. The Best Deal


Private Reserve Club Plus

Private Reserve Club Plus


The best deal. Private Reserve Club Plus for $79.99 member fee.


Immediately you will receive: 
● A Bodum Vacuum Pebo Brewing system – one of our premium vacuum pots  that is essential to brew the best cup of coffee in the world.
● A 12 oz bag of Peru Muchacha included as a sign up bonus
● Shipping anywhere in the US also included


Then each month you will receive an email delineating which Private Reserve coffees are available for your monthly shipment.  Respond to our email offer and pay $25, and you will receive two 8 oz bags of our  best Private Reserve Roasts delivery included anywhere in the US to your home, PO Box or business.  New roasts will be tasted and deemed worthy as we find them.



2. Another Option

Private Reserve Club Subscription

Private Reserve Email Notification


For a nominal enrollment cost of $10.00, you will receive an email each month delineating which coffee bean is available that month. You will be asked if you wish to have a pound of that bean shipped to you at a total cost of $25.00 including flat rate, second day shipment anywhere in the U.S.


3. Savings Option

Point Roberts Coffee Roasting

6 or 12 Month Subscription

$130.00 – $250.00

6 or 12 month Private Reserve Club Subscription. Sign up is free. Pay only $130, and each month for six months you will receive two 8 oz bags of Private Reserve coffees delivered to your door. Pay $250 and receive the same service for 12 months.


4. Just the Brewer

Bodum Pebo Coffee Maker

Bodum Vacuum Pebo Brewing System


Add a Bodum Vacuum Pebo Brewing System.  Essential for perfect brew.  $79.99 FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US included.


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