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Blending Characteristics

Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans from around the world


Bolivia – Certified Organic/Fairtrade – Colonial Caranavi

  • This is a great starting base bean for a blend using 50% or more.
  • Acidity low #4 soft/mellow
  • Excellent in a French Dark Roasted
Small independent coffee farmers located twelve hours from La Paz, Bolovia grow this quality very popular coffee. While working to improve their lives and environment, they produce a slightly spicy, full creamy bodied, mild acidity coffee that is well balanced with light, chocolately notes.

Costa Rica – Certified Organic – La Amistad

  • Acidity low #3 soft/mellow
  • Very good in a light and medium roast
From a family farm next to the Costa Rica/Panama border that is now a national protected area comes an organic coffee as beautiful as it’s origins. It has a slightly smoky aroma with a nice, mild earthiness. Mild acidity and a very pleasant body make La Amistad an extremely well balanced coffee with a nice, sweet finish and aftertaste.

Ethiopia Lekempti – Our Roast master’s current favorite.

  • One of our best stand alone full favor beans. This is a good starting base bean for a blend of 50% or more.
  • Acidity Medium #6 Bright but not bitter.
  • Very good in Medium and Dark roast level
Ethiopia is one of the oldest birth places of coffee and over the yaers growers have perfected their  techniques. The small farmers, who are the major producers, use organic fertilizers to supplement the natural fertility of the soil. Close to 50% of the coffee production in this coffee loving country is consumed locally. The local Ethiopia consumer insists on top quality beans and growing organic. Most buyers know that the bulk of coffee produced in Ethiopia qualifies itself as organic and among the best beans in the world.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Certified Organic/Fairtrade

  • Blends well with any bean and adds a good bright body favor to other more mild beans.
  • Acidity Strong #7 Tart but not bitter
  • Excellent roasted Light, Medium or Dark
Yirgacheffe is heirloom, forest-grown, organic, and bird friendly. It is rich, medium bodied coffee with tart acidity and floral aromas. This is one of the best coffees from Ethiopia and they are at the top of the fine coffees of the world. Yirgacheffe is a little more costly then other beans so large amounts in your blend will be a higher price. However, to the passionate consumer this bean is well worth paying a little more.

Guatemala Santiago Atitlan – Certified Organic/Fairtrade

  • Adds loudness, lively body and flavor weight to blends
  • Acidity #5 Medium
  • Very good in a light and medium roast
Santiago Atitlan is shade grown under the tropical jungle canopy. A wonderful and unique gourmet coffee, slightly sweet, spicy aroma with a pleasant after taste.

Peru Amazonas – Certified Organic/Fairtrade

  • Adds brightness, lively body and heavy flavors to blends
  • Acidity #6 Bright, Strong body
  • Very good light, medium or dark roast
This quality bean has a superior grow environment in a very fertile soil. Amazonas produces fuity brightness, hints of semi-sweet chocolate and a rich, lingering bold body aftertaste.

Sumatra Takengon – Certified Organic/Fairtrade

  • Strong intense flavor, brings body, weight and punch to your blend
  • Acidity #3 great flavor
  • Excellent blending coffee to bring life into your cup.
  • Recommended, medium or dark roast
From the Gayo mountains Takengon is full bodied. Slightly fruity with berry notes and a pleasant earthiness. It is clean with a very subtle and delicious musty taste with a bright and sweet finish.

Swiss Water Decaf , Peru – Certified Organic/Fairtrade

  • Acidity #5 Medium
  • Great for those that want all the flavor of a good coffee without the caffeine.
  • Works well also to blend down the caffeine level of any other coffee.
Shade grown Peru coffee decaffeinated by the world famous Swiss water process. This coffee is medium bodied. Well balanced, slightly sweet and chocolatey.
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