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Costa Rica La Amistad

costa-rica-la-amistadFrom a family farm next to the Costa Rica/Panama border that is now a national protected area comes an organic coffee as beautiful as its origins. It has a slightly smoky aroma with a nice, mild earthiness. Mild acidity and a very pleasant body make La Amistad an extremely well balanced coffee with a nice, sweet finish and aftertaste.

Costa RicaThe Region
The La Amistad farm is located above 1200 meters next to the border between Costa Rica and Panama. For generations, one family has kept much of this farm as natural forest. It is now a “National Private Protected Area” called Las Tablas, which forbids people from hunting, extracting wood, or doing any damage to the area.

The reserve is located next to the National Park, La Amistad, one of the few national parks between two countries. It is the largest reserve area in Costa Rica. The diversity of flora and fauna found in this area is very unique, with a large number of endemic species that may be on the verge of extinction.

The farm itself has a ten-room lodge for ecotourism. The natural tours into the mountain are always done with a local guide and on restricted areas of the mountain. The food served in the dining room of the lodge is prepared by native women that live on the farm. When spending the night at the lodge, you will have the privilege of being awakened early in the morning to the many sounds of all the different birds singing and the obnoxious screams of monkeys that also inhabit the rainforest around the farm.


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Point Roberts Blend
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