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Package Receiving Services Registration

Register For Package Receiving Services

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register online or in person at the store. You will receive a special address to use on your parcels you plan to receive or ship. Be sure to use this address on all of your parcels.
  2. When your parcel arrives we will email you notice, or for a small additional charge call you.
  3. Drive down to the Point and pull into our spacious parking lot right off the main road, Tyee Drive. Three entrances ensure no crowding.
  4. Fill up with gas while you’re here and save more than ever. Our Fuel Rewards card can create discounts on Coffee, Shipping Pick Ups and each gallon of gas when you order with major retailers online in the program!

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Initial form for signing up to have PR Shell package receiving account

Package Receiving Services

    Just a few Fuel Rewards Card Benefits:
    • Parcel storage 60 days without extra fees (instead of 30 days)
    • Pallets $15 with 10 days storage (instead of $25 and 1 day storage)
    • Letter Mail can be screened - Opened and thrown out before paying for it.
    • Opened Parcels can be left behind and reentered in our system for free 10 day storage.
    • $1 address problem fees waived (one per day)
    • Never pay full price again for any Shell Gas or Diesel. At least 3¢ off a gal.
    • CAN at PAR (with an 8 gal. fill up and FRN Card) on:
      - Parcel Pick up services
      - Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans
      - And other selected items in the Shell Center Store.
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