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Dark Roast

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    Storm Chaser

    One of our darkest roasts, the Colonial Caranavi Bolivian bean produces a slightly spicy, full to heavy bodied, mild acidity coffee that is difficult to describe but a favorite of anyone preferring dark roasts.

    8 oz. - $8.99 | 16 oz. - $16.99

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    Bean Me Up Bob

    Breakfast blend of Bolivian and Cafe Femenino beans results in a soft, robust and smooth dark roast flavor.

    8 oz. - $7.99 | 16 oz. - $14.49

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    Point Roberts Blend

    This blend of Costa Rican and Sumatran beans produces a full bodied, slightly fruity yet smoky flavor with a rich, mild earthiness and a clean, sweet finish. A dark roast that is extremely well balanced.

    8 oz. - $9.49 | 16 oz. - $17.49

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    This Private Reserve Single Origin Ethiopia Lekempti is our Roast Master's current favorite. Medium/Dark is the perfect roast level for these fantastic beans. The body is full and strong, fruity tasting with the acidity very pleasant.

    8 oz. - $9.49 | 16 oz. - $17.99


Medium Roast

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    This quality Peruvian bean produces fruity brightness, hints of semi-sweet chocolate and a rich, lingering aftertaste. Let Riptide’s bold, smooth flavor pull you in and not let you down.

    8 oz. - $6.99  |  16 oz. - $11.99

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    Our newest and most delicious coffee blend. Peruvian Amazonas beans add a nutty hint to bold and smooth Ethiopian Lekempti, resulting in very low acidity with an earthy flavor. Our introductory pound or 1/2 pound pricing allows you to check out how outstanding Spindrift is, for yourself.

    8 oz. - $7.49  |  16 oz. - $13.99

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    Holy Hazelnut

    Medium roast Sumatran beans lightly flavored with hazelnut. Very smooth and not too sweet with a nutty aroma.

    8 oz. - $10.99 | 16 oz. - $20.49

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    Safe Harbor

    A lively, medium city roast from Guatemala that is slightly sweet with a spicy aroma, medium body and complex flavor. Nice and bright with a pleasant, spicy flavor.

    8 oz. - $8.49 | 16 oz. - $15.99

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    Barista Espresso

    Lighter Bolivian roast than Storm Chaser with many of the same attributes: slightly sweet, complex, and spicy.

    8 oz. - $8.99 | 16 oz. - $16.99


Light Roast


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You decide which beans go into your personal blend. We will print a custom label from your pictures or logo at no extra charge for basic 6″x4″ label.

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